Bikepark, Enduro and Tours


The bikepark is right on top of the Forcella mountain, offers all trails difficulties level. We have natural trail and handmade features like Jumps, drops, northshores and wall rides. We have all the gears for you, included specific bikes and body protection. We also have new veichles like double suspended scooter and minibike. We also have instructors to follow you during your first steps or to upgrade your riding tecnique.


This area is the perfect habitat for the enduro bikes. Endless trails with sweet uphill often on tarmac or even mechanized, fantastic downhills up to 10 miles, and a difference of over 5000 ft. The terrain change suddenly form rocks to grass, from the dirt to the gravel, crossing rivers and bridges. And when u get to the end u got to the lake, for nice refreshing swim or a nice Italian Appetizer. We have rental bikes and protections, guides, mecchanics and shuttle service. Come and enjoy the enduro ride as u never did before. Is highly raccomended to book all you need at least a week upfront.

Tourist tours

What’s better than enjoy the most beutyfull places than on a bike ? Do it with us !! We got the bikes u need, the guide wich will drive u on the most spectaculars roads among the lake and the hisorical places. Just the fun of biking without any worries, our guides will provide every replacemnet and solve any mecchanical issue. We offer road tours wich can be touristic though bellagio and his historical structures, or sporty following the steps of the most famous Italian bike races. Our off-road tours are the niciest way to cross the mountains above the lake, even with small bike experience. Do not esitate to ask us to organize your personal tour. Is highly raccomended to book all you need at least a week upfront.